What are the pitfalls of working as an escort?

7 Mar

Are there any pitfalls to working as an escort in London? I used to work for a top London escort service, and I can tell you that there are several pitfalls to working in London. These days I work for https://charlotteaction.org/newbury-escorts, and to be fair, I am doing a lot better than I used to do working in London. Newbury in Berkshire may not be the most exciting place to live in, but you can certainly do well if you take your job as an escort seriously.

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The problem with working as an escort in London is that it is so expensive to live in London. You certainly have to work very hard to make ends meet even though you may be one of the best escorts on the scene. I worked for a really good agency, but at the end of the day, it took me a long time to save up to by my own place. When I finally managed to do so, I decided that I would rent it out, and try to find a job outside of London as an escort. That is how I ended up working for Newbury escorts.

London is also very rushed when it comes to dating. At first I did not think that it would bother me, but when you are always doing one hour dates, you may start to feel a little bit stressed out. Sure, my escorts diary was full of exciting dates, but that is not the point. I really did not have a chance to get to know many of my gentlemen on a personal basis. Working for Newbury escorts is a totally different experience, and I must that I really get a kick out of escorting in Newbury.

Incalls are popular in London as well. This means that you need to keep a boudoir. Of course that comes out of your earnings, and it is one of those overheads most escorts in London struggle with when it comes to the end of the month. A lot of girls end up sharing a place, and I am not so sure that it is such a good idea. Here in Newbury most of the Newbury escorts work as outcall escorts. That means that they come to see you. It is a much better way to work, and I think that it works out better for gents as well. They can stay in the comfort of their own homes.

Sure, by all means try escorting in London. I did rather well in the end, but I did find that it was hard work at the same time. If I had my way, I should really have looked around other areas. Many of the girls who work for Newbury escorts are former London girls. They did okay in London, but at the same time they found that it was expensive to live in London. Never underestimate escort agencies like the one in Newbury. Many of them are just as busy as top London agencies and you will find that you can do just as well working outside of London as you can working in London. Most of the time, you can actually do better.