Too much sexual discrimination

13 Dec

When I first moved to London and worked as a waitress, we never used to have any problems with sexual discrimination. Now a lot of girls complain that they are being sexually discriminated, and I think that many of them are going over the top. Also many girls who work as waitresses complain about how they have to wear short skirts which come just above the knee. I really cannot see the problem here, and neither can the other girls at Wembley escorts.

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Are we going too much over the top when it comes to sexual discrimination? I have started to wonder if we are going over the top as far as sexual complaints are concerned. Girls, and men for that matter, seem to cry wolf the minute they have something said against them. One girl selling gym memberships was asked if she ever smiles when she was on duty, and she sued the guy for sexual harassment. All I have to say if you don’t want to smile at work, don’t get a sales job, you really need to smile a lot. It certainly would not work at Wembley escorts.

There are other things which makes me wonder what is going as well. Some girls who work as receptionists are refusing to wear high heels because they claim it is against their human rights. It is just stupid. When you are a receptionist, it is important to look smart all of the time, and I am pretty sure most girls who used to work as receptionists a few years ago, are laughing at these new divas as we girls at Wembley escorts like to call them.

Do I worry about sexual discrimination? I think that if men and women have similar skills, they should be paid the same. Sure, you should not be making comments out of a sexual nature to female colleagues, but at the same time, it is important to remember things work the other way around as well. Girls in offices should not be making comments to male colleagues but still a lot of girls seem to think it is okay the other way around. I don’t think it is , and I think that most of the girls at Wembley escorts would agree with me.

Why are we so hung up about sexual discrimination? I can understand some of the cases but in general I think that we are too hung up about sexual discrimination. If you don’t like what a guy has to say to you, surely you can just tell him to go away and keep his thoughts to himself. However, if a guy pays you a compliment and tells you look good or sexy, I really don’t think that it qualifies as sexual harassment. If guys did not do that to me here at Wembley escorts, I would soon start to worry and think that I am doing something wrong. I think that compliments are nice, and I always say thank you when a gentleman gives me a compliment. Maybe I should sue him for sexual harassment instead?