She wants to eat dinner of my belly

15 Feb

I think that my girlfriend is a little bit kinky. When I first met her, she did not tell me that she worked for of Brompton escorts. It took her a couple of weeks to tell that she was indeed an escort, and now I am not sure how I feel a bit it. Sure, she is very sexy, but she has all of these kinky ideas floating around in her head, and I am not sure that I am comfortable about them at all.

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One of the things that she would like to do is to eat dinner off my belly. It has to be her favorite recipe which is salmon in orange sauce with rice. I am not sure that I like the idea of that but she says that a lot of guys she dates at Brompton escorts like the sound of the idea, and would love her to eat dinner off their bellies. To me, it just sounds gross and disgusting, and I really cannot see why she would want to do that.

In general, my girlfriend seems to have rather a few fetishes. It could be that is one of the reasons that she works for Brompton Park escorts. Last night when we were having sex, she put some ice cream in my belly button and started to lick it out. She has this really long tongue and when she licks with it, it turns me on. But I am not sure that I liked all of that cold ice cream in my belly button.

Most of all she seems to have a lot of food fetishes. I am not sure where she has got them from, but she seems to be obsessed by food. There are even days when she calls herself a foodie escort, and expects me to get turned on by food as well. When we go to restaurants and on dates after she has finished at Brompton Park escorts for the day, she loves to tell me about what she calls her different food adventures. They sound really messy to me, and I am not sure that any of her food adventures would really turn me on.

I am sure that some guys would love to have a kinky girlfriend who works for Brompton Parks escorts, but it is not really for me at all. At fist it was a lot of fun to think that I had a girlfriend who worked for an escort agency in London, but now I am not sure how I feel about it. The fact that she dates other men bothers me a little bit, and I am pretty certain that most guys would say the same thing if they had a girlfriend who worked for an escort agency. Sure, she is fun to be with, but all of that kinky stuff she has going on in her life, freaks me out a little bit as well. If you like, you can say that she is an acquired taste.