Newbury Escorts keeping it real

3 May


Do you need any special qualifications to become escorts? Escorts have been part of the parcel of life for a very long time, but how do you become an escort? Is there such a thing as a training school for escorts, or is this one of these professions that you are born into? The only country that really has training schools for escorts is Japan. It takes an average of five years to qualify to become a Geisha, and in Japan it is seen as a very prestigious profession. It is sort of a fragment of old Japan which has been left behind, and many Westerners are surprised that Geisha training schools still exist. All that is about to change as a group of Newbury escorts fromĀ are considering putting together a Newbury based training school for escorts. They recognize that a lot of Newbury girls do not want to work as escorts, and that there are many foreign girls coming in to take up the jobs. As a matter of fact. Many of them agree with Nigel Farage, and Newbury based escorts think that it is time something was done about. Newbury escorts jobs should mean Newbury escorts!

Britain is unique. It is a little bit of green on the way to the wild, stormy Atlantic. It was the last line of defense against the Nazis of the 2nd World War, and it seems that once again the Brits need to stand up against the Autocrats. Escorts from all over EU member states are flocking to work in the UK, and are willing to work for less money than their Newbury counterparts. Never mind the fact that many of them are not as good as many Newbury escorts. A group of Newbury escorts have now got together and are calling for a training program for Newbury escorts. If the Japanese can support and maintain their Geisha schools, the Brits should be able to set up their own Escorts training schools. Part of the criteria should be that the girls should be Newbury and have certain values. They should be able to appreciate tea and crumpet just as much as they appreciate Champagne and strawberries. They should be as familiar with Wimbledon as they are with the French open, and be able to cock, oh sorry cook, an English roast dinner with all the trimmings. Newbury escorts should also be able to wear English silk underwear and not be forced to wear cheap Chinese mixed fabric knickers. A special English massage should be branded and carry a special license. Unless you have trained at the Newbury School of escorts, you will not be to carry out a Newbury massage. The Swedish massage is famous worldwide, and it is about time the Brits had something similar which they could make a lot of money out of. The Swedes have made a fortune out of their massage techniques for a very long time. Newbury escorts are now setting out to petition Nigel Farage. Next time he is in Newbury, don’t be surprised if you see them turning up to one or more television debates.