I love orgasms with my girlfriends

8 Mar

I am not sure what is going on in my life at the moment. So far this year, I seem to have enjoyed better relationship with girls than with guys. When I come home from London escorts, I don’t think about going out with a gent anymore, I often date a girl instead. It seems to me that girls know more what we want in bed, and I this is why my relationships with girls are better. This is a new experience for me, but many of my colleagues at London escorts are bisexual.

Am I making too much of my sexuality? I am beginning to think that I am making way too much fuss about my sexuality. It does not really matter of I am gay, straight or bisexual. Folk are very flexible these days about their love lives so I am not going to worry so much. Most of the gents that I date at London escorts are cool about what ever I want to do. I have talked to my London escorts dates about my problem, and to be honest, it has helped me a lot.

You need to feel good about your sexuality and that is not always easy to achieve. Some stunning girls have felt that they would not make it as London escorts just because they are bisexual. I have told them not to worry, but that is easier said than done. A lot of people still think that they need to have a firm sexual identity and I can understand that. But, the gents that we meet at London escorts are not worried about that at all. They just want to have a good time with a hot young lady.

Do gents prefer to date bisexual London escorts? We have been through so many dating styles at London escorts in recent years that a lot of gents like the exotic now. Bisexuality is still seen as something rather exotic at London escorts, and I think that it will continue to be so for a a while yet. Duo escorts was not very popular when it was first introduced in London but it has now come of age. Lots of gents from outside London ask for the service, but equally many gents from inside London seem to enjoy it as well.

So what if I better orgasms with girls than guys? It does not really matter at all. Like I keep saying to myself, life is all about enjoyment and I think that it is vital that you get a real kick out of it. I am not going to get hung up about my sexuality at all. Many girls and guys do, and I think that it only stands in their way. When I was younger, I am sure that I would have worried about all of this a lot. Now when I have a bit more experience of life, I don’t see it as a problem. I am not sure that we are meant to stick to one partner in life anyway. Why not make the most of life and enjoy your sexuality?