Why Participate In An Orgy?

8 Feb

An orgy is a sex party where friends and guests liberally engage in uninhibited sexual activity. Participating in a sex party can be very interesting and full of fun to many. Men and women are free to have sex with those of their choice; they may choose having sex with multiple partners. However, this group sex is very dangerous as it exposes the participants to many risks.

Participants can contract sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and herpes among many others. During an orgy, kissing and oral sex allow for sexually transmitted diseases to pass, such as Herpes Simplex Virus-2, Hepatitis B and Syphilis. The human papilloma virus (HPV), found in the sexual fluids, cause throat cancer after oral sex. Chlamidia may be contracted due to lack of personal hygiene. This is a serious matter, since for women the germ can spoil your Fallopian tubes, and cause long-term ill health and sterility in men. In addition, there is the very real risk of HIV, the virus which causes AIDS.

Party sex attracts unwanted publicity. Photos of noble people may be taken and exposed to the public. This causes many to develop a negative impression towards the participants; they are considered immoral.
Most orgies involve drug and substance abuse. Drugs such as cocaine, bhang and alcohol among many others are used as they help in lowering inhibitions. Drugs help to make participants feel free to each other; these drugs can have health effects such as loss of memory and addiction to the participants.

Group sex can result in marriage breaks, which affects family relationships. When a husband hears or sees of his wife being fucked by multiple men he feels disappointed. Similarly, a woman won’t feel proud of her husband being a sex expert. Self dignity and respect is lowered as a result.

Men engage in homosexual-style encounters as women indulge themselves in lesbian-style encounters. Much like hetrosexuality, homosexuality and lesbianism can involve physical harm to the participants or exposure to bodily fluids and waste produces such as feces and urine. In addition, the lubricants used for easy penetration can cause adverse or allergic effects on the others. The vagina’s pH is altered. Men also may develop feminine features due to hormones generated by pills and creams inserted or smeared on the women’s vaginas. Viagra, a drug used by men to maintain adequate erections can cause women to have sore vaginas.

Orgies encourage adultery syndrome when both the husband and wife participate; suddenly the husband or the wife feels at liberty to have sex outside wedlock which can affect the family dynamic. Although orgies may seem exciting, they are very risky and one should proceed with caution, if at all.